It's always fun to hear about celebrity encounters in Colorado. We have all had a couple of run-ins with famous people, and some of us were lucky enough to get a photo to document the occasion.

We asked you which celebrities you have met and if you had any pictures from when you met them in Grand Junction or elsewhere.

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Which Celebrities Have You Met Over The Years?

One of the most random celebrity encounters I had was walking into a flower store and seeing actor Eddie Bracken standing there paying for flowers. Eddie played the role of Mr. Roy Walley in National Lampoon's Vacation. I did not see the moose anywhere though.

I also ran into Super Bowl Champ and Chicago Bear QB Jim McMan once. He was at the DMV trying to get his suspended license back from the cops yet he was nice enough to stop and sign an autograph for me. lol!

Have You Ever Taken a Selfie with a Celebrity?

Scroll on to see photos with celebrities captured by you in the photo gallery below. Maybe you ran into a celebrity at a bar or got a photo at a concert, or maybe you sat next to them on a plane. Did you catch a photo of someone famous? Open our mobile app and hit the photo submit button to share it with us.

Who Is Colorado's Most Popular Celebrity?

One of the most well-known celebrities that call Colorado home would probably be comedian Tim Allen. Colorado is also home to Jon Heder of Napoleon Dynamite, Duane Chapman the Bounty Hunter, and Kristin Davis from Sex in the City.

Grand Junction, Colorado Shares Our Celebrity Encounters

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