We're just days away from the Christmas holiday, and Colorado is shopping hard to find everything on their list before December 25th.

Thankfully, the Western Slope is full of great places to shop and find unique gift ideas that your friends and family will love. So we wanted to ask you while there was still time to shop, What are your favorite local businesses for holiday shopping in Grand Junction?

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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year in Grand Junction

In Grand Junction, we are already out shopping the weekend after Thanksgiving. Grand Junction's famous small business Saturday is a great day to get rolling with plenty of time before Christmas. Now we are within a week of the big day, and if you still need to find a perfect gift, we can help with that.

The Most Popular Gifts of 2022

According to Amazon.com one of the most popular gifts being purchased in 2022 is drones. Advanced, beginner, and mini drones are hot items but they don't come cheap. Cosmopolitan says that the gift of the year is the 2022 Apple iPad Air. Good Housekeeping recommends a super popular mini-projector which tweens are asking for all over the country.

Grand Junction Tells Us the Best Places for Holiday Shopping

It's great to see shoutouts for places like Board Fox Games, Loki in Grand Junction, Colorado West Slope Fly Fishing, Cowboy Merchantile and many more. Scroll on to see some great places to shop the final days before Christmas in Grand Junction below. Look for the link in the gallery below that lets you add your answer to our Facebook page. Or open our app and tell us a great place to shop the last week before Christmas.

Grand Junction's Favorite Stores for the Best Holiday Shopping

We're down to the last days of holiday shopping in Western Colorado so we asked you what have been your favorite stores to visit this year. Check out Grand Junction's recommendations on great places to shop locally below. There is still time to find the perfect gift for that special someone.

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Everyone has a special gift they can remember getting as a kid on Christmas morning. From Ralphie's Red Rider BB Gun to a new bike, many of us have a memory from one special Christmas in particular. What was your favorite Christmas gift of all time from your childhood?

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Grand Junction Police recommend the following tips to avoid being 'Grinched' by criminals this holiday season.

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