A Colorado artist is looking for a new home for his huge wooden soldiers. The soldiers are made from hundreds of wooden chairs and are between 16-26 feet tall.

Steve has owned The Chairman since 1991 but now, his store is closing and everything has got to go. The building is being torn down to make way for new housing, according to KDVR.

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In Steve's shop are over 3,000 chairs, windows, and six huge wooden soldiers. The wooden soldiers are made from over 400 wooden chairs and other parts. Steve is the visionary artist, Brian Sartor is the artist behind these wooden soldiers. Steve came up with the concept because he thinks 'we have to think from the perspective of a giant, if we want to solve big problems and the world's problems are large.'

Each one of the giant wooden soldiers has a name and a message:

  1. Victory - These parts celebrate the ingenuity of 'victory'
  2. The Sentinel - I stand as a beacon to the masses
  3. The Guardian - The perfect balance between compassion and protection
  4. Brotherly Love - I will mend together these fragmented pieces of 'humanity'
  5. The Soul Man - I will teach you that we should celebrate the life we do have
  6. The Creator & Humanity - I kneel down with humility and love to liberate humanity from the brokenness

He says a space that's 40 by 40 would be a great space that would be big enough for people to come and enjoy the art. Steve hopes that someone will come by the pick up huge wooden soldiers and also pick out some other stuff while they're there.

Steve has until February 28 to clear his entire store out. His store is located at 4201 S. Navajo Street in Englewood.

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