Fox News is reporting that the toxic spill from the Old Gold Mine here in Colorado is far worse than first reported.

People in Colorado are angry along with surrounding states such as Utah, and New Mexico, that is affected by the contaminated waterways from the Old Gold Mine. Metals like cadmium, copper, lead, mercury, nickel and zinc were all found to be very present in the waters.

The EPA has had  a report filed on them from the House Committee on Natural Resources. It shows how the EPA and the Department of the interior were wrong on what they originally reported about the spill, and the situation is much worse.

How much worse? The wastewater last week alone from the old mine had released 880,000 pounds of toxic metals.

New Mexico is now in the process of suing the EPA. Officials in Utah say that there some contaminants that reached their state as well.

The water that feeds down into New Mexico is used near the border for irrigation of farmland which is a real concern for the people in the Animas River in the northern part of the state.

Fox News reports that the EPA had a written response to the current findings and:

“We’re going to take a look at the report and will respond appropriately.”-Nancy Grantham EPA

The EPA will not consider the site for Superfund status without the support of state and local officials.