Hope West, for the second year in a row, is making the "Before I Die" wall available in select locations around Grand Junction.

What is the "Before I Die" wall?

It's an opportunity for the community to write their goals, artistic flair or words of encouragement on the boards which are or will be up all over Grand Junction.

Think of it as the community bucket list. Maybe you want to put something up that are things you'd like to do like learn to draw or paint. Or maybe it's a life decision you have made that you want to share or a quote that means a lot to you. Adding your thoughts and plans and dreams to the wall allows everyone in the community to see it and maybe apply it themselves.

Take a few moments and head to one of these locations, or all of them if you like and share your thoughts, dreams, goals, and aspirations with everyone.

The Art Center - 1803 N 7th St

April 3-7

Crossroads Fitness Center/Rocky Mountain Health Plans - 2768 Compass Dr

April 9-16

Two Rivers Convention Center - 159 Main St

April 19, 9-3

Central Library-443 N 6th St

April 23-27

Fruita Community Center-324 N. Coulson

April 23-27

Source: Westernslopenow.com

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