Today you need to celebrate with someone who looks like you. That's because it is National Look Alike Day.

I had no idea that this day even existed and I have an identical twin brother.

Celebrate Your Look Alike On April 20th
Brandon Thomas

The cool thing about this day is you don't need a twin to celebrate. It was created by reporter Jack Etzel back in the 80s.

Find someone that looks like you and ask to take a picture with them. If you can't do that, try and find celebrities that look alike and post it.

I get to celebrate this awesome day my identical twin brother Trevor. To top it off we are going to be heading to our first baseball game together at Coors Field.

Dress your kids up like and go and do something fun. Use the hashtag #NationalLookAlikeDay and post your awesome look alike!

Let us know in the comments also!

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