Living in Colorado you grow accustomed to the scenery around you. There are mountains everywhere. Prairies that stretch for miles. But what you don't get to see on an everyday basis are waterfalls. Believe me, they are all around Colorado and we are going to find the best and most beautiful.

Zapata Falls is located near Alamosa, Colo. This beautiful waterfall is located near the sand dunes and give excellent views of the sand dunes from the top. But to see this amazing waterfall you will have to hike. Be warned that the trail and rocks are extremely slippery. So be sure to wear the proper shoes to make this hike. This is also one you could hike in the winter and see it as an ice sculpture.

Hanging Lake is located near Glenwood Springs, Colo. I have been to this one personally and it is by far one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. It does require a steep hike to get up there. But believe me, once you do get to the top you will see a picture-perfect oasis that you never want to leave. This waterfall is the definition of postcard scenery.

Ouzel Falls is located near Estes Park, Colo. This is another one where you are going to have to hike to but it's not a steep hike. You will pass a couple smaller waterfalls on the way up which makes it that much better of a hike. As a bonus on your way up you will see Calypso Cascades. If seen in the right time of year like when the runoff starts, it makes for a magnificent bonus. Once you get up there you will see Ouzel Falls an awesome looking forty foot waterfall that just drops over the edge.

Seven Falls located in Colorado Springs, Colo. is a little different than the others. This one has seven different waterfalls. There is a charge to see but let me tell you it is worth. You can either hike the stairs up to the top, or you can take the elevator up to see some insanely good views. There are other hikes you can take and it will lead you to the same place. This is a unique experience and a must see for everyone.

Treasure Falls is located in Pagosa Springs, Colo. This waterfall is the tallest on the list. This waterfall cascades over 102 feet before hitting the bottom. It is so big you can see it from the parking lot. But I suggest you take the short hike to the base. Seeing something like that up close and personal is a must do. It got its name because it is believed there is some treasure in that mountain. Whether that is true or not seeing something that majestic can not be passed up.

Now it is time to head out and go see the cascading beauty that Colorado has to offer.

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