Caprock Academy in Grand Junction has switched from in-person learning to remote learning after the school had one student test positive for COVID-19.

Caprock Academy, which is a charter school on 24 1/2 Road in Grand Junction, is no longer doing in-person learning. The school has been doing remote learning all week long due to a positive COVID-19 case.

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The school could have just sent 60 students home, which is required by the health department, but they didn't. Caprock Academy in Grand Junction decided to play it safe and keep all of 190 high school students at home, according to KJCT8.

Andrew Collins from Caprock Academy stated that the reason why they did this, is because many members of their staff could have been in contact with the student who tested positive. This is why they decided to send the whole high school home, just to be safe.

Most of the high school classes are upstairs in Caprock Academy, so only high school students were sent home. Kindergarten students through eighth-grade are still attending classes in person at Caprock Academy.

According to KJCT8, Caprock Academy went four weeks without seeing a positive COVID-19 case. The Grand Junction school plans to have the high schoolers back in class on Thursday, September 10 if there are no more positive COVID-19 cases.

We hope that all high school students at Caprock Academy in Grand Junction are able to safely return to school next week.

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