When it comes to these jobs, Grand Junction can't even do them. Grand Junction could never, ever do these types of jobs.

According to you, jobs like being a nurse, dentist or beekeeper, are in no way going to get done by you. We asked you this on our Facebook:

And this is what Grand Junction has to say, these are the jobs that Grand Junction could never do.

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    Grand Junction says they could never be a veterinarian. Andi Cox on our Facebook commented that 'I love animals so much, I don't think I could put them down or see what all they go through.'

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    Another job that Grand Junction can't do is be a nurse. Hats off to all our nurses out there. Working in that field takes a special kind of person and we respect you.

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    Grand Junction was oddly specific with this no-can-do job. A job Junction could never, ever do is clean porta potties. Lots of people on our Facebook give a no-go to being a 'Roto-Rooter.'

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    Another job that Grand Junction couldn't do is be a teacher. Ashely Huffman on our Facebook got real honest and says 'I am a horrible teacher and I always insist on doing it myself.'

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