District 27J is joining over 90 other school districts in Colorado in August. When students return to school in August, they'll be back to school with a different schedule.

As of today, the school district in Brighton will make the switch from a five-day week to a four-day school week. The plans to make the switch have been in the works since last year.

The four-day school weeks will begin in August for the 2018-2019 school year, according to KDVR. 18,000 students are enrolled in District 27J schools.

The Superintendent of District 27J, Chris Fielder, thinks the four-day school weeks will benefit the teachers as well as the students.

I believe it is in our students' best interest to provide high quality, engaged teachers using 21st century tools for learning four days a week rather than not have them five days a week.

There are currently four schools in District 51 that are operating on a four-day school week. The schools in Mesa County are:

  1. Independence Academy
  2. Juniper Ridge Community School
  3. New Emerson at Columbus
  4. Dual Immersion Academy School

Almost half of Colorado school districts are currently operating on a four-day school week. Although District 27J's switch will save approximately $1 million, Grand Junction has some concerns about locals schools making the switch.

Do you think more schools in District 51 will convert from a five-day school week to a four-day school week?

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