Well, not quite. But Usher made a surprise guest appearance on 'Night News Now,' a hilarious news parody on 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.' The R&B crooner played Fallon's new German political correspondent Üsher (pronounced Eww-shur).

Wearing a fabulous blonde wig, Usher explained -- in his worst German accent -- how President Obama and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney can win their electoral campaigns. The answer: a dance-off on the new XBox video game 'Dance Central 3.'

Now, we don't know how well Obama and Romney can do the cabbage patch, but this sounds like a fantastic idea. Whoever can do the 'Crank That' dance better wins the presidency!

All jokes aside, Usher, who could probably out-dance Barry and Rom-Rom blindfolded, begins to demonstrate some winning dance moves for the candidates. First, he shows us the simple "row-your-boat" move. He then follows that with the "get-it-in and "get-it-out" move, which looks like a variation of the Patrick Swayze. Hey! No one puts Baby in a binder, darn it!

The final step, which Usher calls the "passing move" is when both candidates must make a promise to dance from 9 until "Drei" (that's "three" in German). Danke, Usher!

We don't think President Obama or Mitt Romney will heed Usher's advice. But it should give them a chuckle or two. As for Üsher's new gig, don't quit your day job.

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