The creator of Blue Moon is launching a weed beer and it's only available in Colorado. It's no surprise to me that another weed beer is coming out in Colorado.

It looks like Blue Moon creator isn't the only delicious thing this brewer has up his sleeve. Keith Villa, the Blue Moon maker, says the weed beer will hit stores in the Fall. There will be three types of the marijuana beer, according to KDVR.

The weed beer will have marijuana in it, but no alcohol. It's supposed to be a replacement for alcohol and affects 'users at the same pace,' according to KDVR.

The weed beer and Blue Moon master brewer, Keith Villa, stated that you could swap out an alcoholic beer for one of these weed beers.

There have been other weed beers released in Colorado. General Washington's Secret Stash is an IPA by the Aurora company Dad and Dudes.

The Dad and Dudes weed beer is brewed with cannabis -- but won't get you high. It seems like this beer is the opposite of the weed beer. The weed beer has weed -- but no alcohol.

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