In a Facebook post made over the weekend, all Western Slope residents were notified that three popular restaurants in Grand Junction have temporarily shut their doors due to COVID-19. The locations are Bin 707 Foodbar, Tacoparty, and Bin Burger.

Also in the Facebook post was the announcement that one of their employees last Monday had tested positive for COVID-19, there was then a second employee that tested positive. So for the safety of their other employees and customers, the owners decided to close all locations until they were cleaned and sanitized.

This closure was not forced by any health department and at this time we are not sure when the restaurants will be reopened but don't be shocked to see the doors open again quickly.

As the news was published to Facebook it was gaining the support of many customers who appreciated the restaurant owners and managers closing the doors seeming to care more about people over profits.

Customers on that same Facebook post requested to know what restaurants had confirmed cases of COVID-19 and the original case was in Bin 707 Foodbar, and the second case was at Tacoparty.

Let's all hope that the restaurants will be reopening soon, this year has been difficult enough for restaurants already. We will be sure to spread the word just as soon as the three restaurants in downtown Grand Junction open their doors again.

Here is the Facebook post that was made over the weekend making the announcement of the restaurant closings.

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