If you're looking for a hiking trail in Colorado that isn't extreme but still offers stunning views, then Big Wash Trail is the place for you.

Located along the Grand Mesa Scenic Byway, just 20 to 25 minutes away from Grand Junction, Colorado is Big Wash, an incredibly fun and easy hiking trail.

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Bring the Family for this Colorado Hike

Oftentimes the most scenic hiking trails in Colorado can be long and vigorous. That means bringing small children and pets is not really an option. No one wants to be left out during an adventure, but luckily there are some really gorgeous trails that are perfect for the entire family.

If You Blink You Might Miss It

Hidden in plain sight is a superb trail located along the Grand Mesa Scenic Byway. There are so many great sights to take in while traveling to the Grand Mesa, that if you blink you might just miss the chance to see mother nature's stunning work at Big Wash because there is absolutely no signage depicting the trail.

What is Big Wash in Colorado?

Big Wash is considered a side draw of Plateau Canyon and the trail is approximately 2 miles. An interesting feature at the beginning of the trailhead is a set of caves that are marked with graffiti and drilled holes.

At certain points, the trail will seemingly disappear, however, it is super easy to move forward in the wash when there is little water present.

Most end their route once they reach the 12-foot waterfall by turning around and going out the same way they came in.

Keep Scrolling to See Photos of Big Wash

Check Out the Gorgeous Big Wash Trail On Your Way to the Grand Mesa

This easy 2-mile hike boasts stunning views and even features a set of caves:

Gallery Credit: Toni Gee, TSM

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