Small towns are amazing. They're scenic, fun and usually provide a nice surprise or two.Not to mention the peacefulness you get from a small town.  And nowhere are small towns like the ones in Colorado.

Don't believe me? Check these out.


Olathe is a wonderful small town. Everyone knows that they have the famous Olathe Sweet Corn Festival. This one small festival brings people here from all parts of the U.S. They have some pretty big musical acts come through too. When you visit you definitely will appreciate the small town hospitality by the time you leave.


Telluride began as a Victorian mining town. The funny thing about Telluride is they got their name from a gold telluride mineral. That mineral was never found there. While the mining has gone away you get to still see the history throughout with abandoned mines. Trees surround the whole town, and instead of mining, it is known as an amazing ski resort and has an incredible festival that takes place You also get to run into celebrities like Hugh Jackman.


Silverton got its name by mining silver around the surrounding areas. It is also known as a National Historic District. Tourism is booming, and ever since high school, I have known it as the best place to get amazing clothes. They have so many outlet stores it really is hard to keep up. But the scenery surrounding you makes you pause for a moment and appreciate it. You will leave with bags of clothes and smiles on your faces. Be sure to take in everything else Silverton has to offer.


Like most towns in Colorado Golden gained its name by mining. They are home to Coors Co, I know we have all seen the commercials. One thing may not have known is that it is where Jolly Rancher got its name. You can take the kids to the Colorado Railroad Museum among other things. It's things like this that make small towns what they are.


Palisade is my favorite on this list. Yes, it is close to home but the feeling you get when you visit here makes you want to stay. One thing they are known for is the amazing peaches and delicious wine that comes out of this town. They even have a festival dedicated to their peaches. If you visit here long enough it just might become your new home.




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