It’s no surprise Colorado is often referred to as the most active state in America.

Skiing, Hiking, Rafting, Snowboarding, Bird Watching, Mountain Biking, Sledding, these are just a handful of the things Coloradans love to do, but how can these activities compete with the “Smart Phone” era?

I’ve provided a list of the apps that I think every Coloradan should be using on their smartphones.

App #1 - Every Trail

Every trail is almost like a social media designed specifically for hiking and trail running. You can create your own routes, take photos and videos of the trail and share them with the Every Trail community. In addition, you can find maps that other users have created, and view their review of a trail, view their pictures as well as videos of the trail.

Never be caught by surprise by crazy Colorado weather, again. This app does everything your standard weather app can do, and then some. It even has minute-by-minute weather updates in your current location or destination.

This app is modeled after the actual US Army Survival Guide and contains over 1,400 pages of reference and education concerning basic survival, evasion, first aid, and recovery information. This app contains lifesaving information and you shouldn’t enter the Colorado Wilderness without it.

App #4 - Star Walk

Star Walk is an incredibly impressive smartphone app. You can point it at the night sky, and the app will map out the stars within your camera’s view, for you. I use this app all the time, it’s a great way to impress friends.

App # 5 - Nike + Running

I use this app constantly, whether you are running, hiking, mountain biking or walking, you can track your distance, projected calories burned, average mile speed and more. In addition, you can share your workouts with your friends across many of the major social medias, like Facebook and Twitter. You can listen to your music app, within the Nike + app as well!

App #6 - iWeeducation

Ok, so I know it’s the trending joke about Colorado, add the stoner app. I actually do think that this app can help a lot of Coloradans, though. If you’re going to live in a state that allows recreational Marijuana use, it’s important to make sure you’re educated about it, even if you don’t use it. This app is full of helpful, historical, and educational information concerning Marijuana.

What apps do you use the most on your phone? Are there and Smartphone apps you think Coloradans would love, or should be using?