Jimmy Kimmel tries to compensate for Benedict Cumberbatch being on his show two days after getting married. They also talk about the Oscar's and 'The Imitation Game'!

You know you have a real trooper when someone sticks with their commitments to something even when it happens two days after they got married. I probably would've canceled on him... or maybe just scheduled it at a better time in the first place.

Jimmy Kimmel's suggestion for Benedict's baby's name was pretty good. I couldn't think of anything funnier to go with Cumberbatch. At least not anything appropriate. I think something proper sounding like Benedict would fit well or even sound weird. Something like Chamberlain Cumberbatch. It would be too obvious he was from England though.

If you're a big fan of Benedict Cumberbatch, don't worry, they had more to talk about on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. They talked about the Oscar's and his new movie 'The Imitation Game'. You can see their conversations right here:

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