This summer, the one thing you can do at Canyon View Park for the first time, buy a beer at the concession stand.

The softball season is getting into full swing and Canyon View Park is a popular place to be. In the heat of the summer, it is going to be even more popular.

Yes, softball fans have been tailgating for years and bringing their own beer to enjoy in the parking lot at Canyon View Park. But, this year, beer and wine are available at the concession stand for those who would like to indulge. Beer and wine sales during the softball season were approved earlier this month by the city.

At the liquor license hearing, Shon Birch, Grand Junction Recreation Coordinator said they hope this will cut down on the binge drinking between games in the parking lot. The softball season runs through November, and the sale of alcohol will only take place during the games.

The open sale of alcohol at the softball complex is sure to make plenty of fans and players happy while there is bound to be others who will have objections to alcohol sales at recreational events.