One Grand Junction business located on Main Street had passers-by busting a gut this afternoon. Check out these fun Grand Junction signs spotted on Wednesday, April 20.

Strange things come to mind when one attempts to picture "Don't be a Wookiee, wax your cookie."

Most people are very much aware what a Wookiee (spelled properly, by the way) is, and are capable of ascertaining what a "cookie" implies. Kudos to this business, located right next door to the Avalon Theatre, for finding a fun, and "safe for work" way to get their point across.

A local filling station boasts "Free Air" which apparently serves as a fixture on their list of services. It's available daily.

No doubt the "Your husband called" sign is something you've seen before. Regardless, it's fun to see at a small mom-and-pop store. The same goes for the "Box Stores" sign.

Perhaps more trips to downtown are in order. There can be little doubt the "Wookiee Cookie" business probably comes up with something new everyday.