Winter is on its way out the door, and that means spring is on its way.

The wonderful thing about the spring is the perfect temperature and being able to finally go outside without freezing. Why not grab the kids and take a hike down these kid-friendly hikes.

The kid's meal loop is the easiest one out of the group. If you just want to do something fast with your children this is the trail. It will take you only about an hour to do it. You will get your sun for the day and get your kid's outside.

The Old Gordon trail is an easy 4-mile trail. One you can also take your kids on. But be warned you might want to start it out in spurts with your kids. The Scenery alone makes the hike worth it.  When you finally get to the end of the trail before you have to turn back catch a breathtaking view of No Thorough Canyon.

Mica Mine Trail has to be our favorite trail by far. This is the one both of my daughters pick the most. Take a stroll along this trail and end up at the historic mica mine. When the ground starts to get shiny then you know you are at the right place. You will spend hours here even though the trail itself is not that long.

I have yet to go hiking down any of the 18 Road trails even though I live in Fruita. I am going to be going down every single one when spring hits. These are the trails that put Fruita on the map. This is the type of place where you could tell your kids to just run and have fun. Who wouldn't like that?

Do you want to take a hike down a trail with beautiful Scenery? This trail has all of that. It also leads into an ancient sand dune. It isn't a long hike so bring your kids and don't tell them that they are in a sand dune. They will freak out like crazy.

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