We're thrilled, thank you for this honor. According to porch.com's recent 'You Couldn't Pay Me to Move To...' poll, it turns out Colorado is not one of those places, Western Slope Now reported. But we already know this.

In porch.com's poll, they presented 550 people with the question: If you were paid $10,000 to move to this state, would you do it? Of course, when it came to Colorado, there were few who said 'no.'

We're sure no one here has anything to say about transplants, particularly those from places that rhyme with 'shmalifornia' and 'shmexas,' but Colorado was actually named the number one place people not from Colorado would move to.


Click image for full map.

So, that's um... great news. We even beat Hawaii somehow? Wyoming on the other hand...

'For some people, no amount of money would be worth living in certain areas,' porch.com said. 'Even when presented with $10,000 to hypothetically relocate, Wyoming, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Wisconsin were the least popular states.'

Ouch. Take a full look at the porch.com study here; it's actually pretty interesting.

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