Wow! So many of you had some amazing suggestions when I asked you on Facebook "if you could bring any business to Grand Junction what would it be?"

There were so many comments that we will count down from the top 10.

10. Sporting Good Store

It's my understanding that this is a big need here. Many stated that they didn't care what kind but something bigger and better than what is currently here. I'd have to agree.

09. Big Business

Several people said they wanted something significant and large here to help with jobs. For instance, Amazon, Google, HSN. Great thought for sure.

Dave and Buster's is fun for all ages. Numerous said an Arcade as well. This would definitely cover a lot of those requests.

Not sure about this. On the Facebook comments many people were told that there was already a Dunkin' Donuts here in Grand Junction, but it unfortunately left. It seems that's the case with Krispy Kreme as well.

I might have to disagree with this one. I like Panera Bread, but there seems to be plenty of places here in town that are comparable to PB and less expensive.

Love, love, love Whole Foods. This is one place I miss dearly. I so badly wish there were a Whole Foods here.

04. Topgolf

Very cool place! Would be for this any day. This is so much better than Dave and Buster's. Especially here in Grand Junction. The weather is perfect.

03. Costco

And again, this would be wonderful. This is another place I miss big time. Hate to drive to Rifle just to get what I need at Costco.

I might just faint if they ever get to Colorado. Rumor has it that they will be opening up several in Colorado (finally) but don't get too excited it's been said that it still may take some time.

The majority that participated in the discussion picked Trader Joe's. I like Trader Joe's, it would be cool if they were here, but personally, I like Whole Foods better. That's just me though, my opinion doesn't count.

Like I said there were so many more great suggests, for example, a real Zoo, a Waterpark, an Amusement Park, Santiago's, or Burlington Coat Factory, but these were the greater of them all.

Dilligaf Williams had an interesting comment:

Grand Junction is cool. I have wished at times that there were a Tokyo Joe's, Whole Foods, Costco, or a Santigo's around, but overall the beauty here on the Western Slope has far more to offer than most places.

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