Downtown Grand Junction is a great place to walk, shop, catch entertainment, and so much more. If you could add 1 store or shop to downtown, what would it be?

When you go downtown Grand Junction, you are surrounded by some pretty awesome sites, sounds and shops. Is there something that you think downtown needs?

You can choose from anything!  How about a restaurant, or perhaps a pharmacy, a clothing store or even something as simple as food carts that go up and down the street. But you could only choose 1. What would it be you would put downtown?

I have been doing a lot of thinking on this subject and have come up with some ideas to help you get started in your choice of what to put downtown. Here are my ideas.

1. White Castle Hamburgers- Oh yeah, being able to cruise up and down the street, and pop in for a White Castle would be awesome.


2. In and Out Burger- I know, I seem to be focused on food. Maybe I am just hungry.


3. Any walk in Pharmacy or 7-11 store- This way, while your downtown, you can grab and go whatever you may need. Or if you have the sniffles and forgot your allergy meds, you could grab those too.

Alright, now it is your turn. Think of one thing you would like to add to downtown Grand Junction. Fill in your answer in the form below, and we will take the top 5 ideas and showcase them here!



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