Adam Lambert's chasing the original high...again — the "Two Fux" singer insisted on Twitter early Wednesday morning (February 14) that he'll have new music out by the year's end, and that another album is very much in the works.

Lambert, whose third LP The Original High dropped in 2015, answered a series of fan tweets during a Q&A, and confirmed that some "yummy" material is coming soon that'll be worth the three-year wait.

"t’s basically all of my influences rolled into my own special blend," he said of a new album, adding that he's written "about 35ish" new songs and there's still "lots to be done" before he figures out out what will serve as the first few singles.

"Still writing!! Still exploring. :) thanks for your patience," he added.

And devoted Glamberts went wild over the update.

"This is what Glamberts want to hear the most from you. Thank you for this piece of wonderful news," one wrote while another noted "omg that makes me soooooo excited. Can't contain myself."

All the while, Lambert, who has been performing as a guest vocalist with Queen over the past few years, hasn't ruled out recording new music with the band, though it's unlikely it'll happen — Queen hasn't released a new album in 23 years.

“I wouldn’t ever say never. If Brian, Roger and me create new music, would it even be called Queen? To me Queen is Freddie and I am a guest,” he told “But it’s not out of the realm of possibility."

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