To say that Colorado has a rich history would certainly be an understatement. The Centennial state has a long history of mining which has been credited to largely have built the state.

The Dauntless Mine

However, most of these mines are now abandoned including what's known as the 'Dauntless Mine.'

Not Easy to Get To

This particular mine is located outside of Buena Vista, Colorado, and is not easy to get to. However, for those willing to make the trip, it is quite a sight to see.

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Understandably, for safety reasons, the mine is closed off, but there are still plenty of cool artifacts laying around.

Abandoned Vehicles and Toilet

These abandoned artifacts include vehicles, a mine cart, and even what could be described as a bathroom that is halfway between an outhouse and a modern port-a-potty.

Luckily, thanks to today's technology, you don't have to make a treacherous trip to check out a lot of these places. Take a virtual tour of the modern-day ruins of what once was Colorado's 'Dauntless Mine.'

Abandoned Colorado Mine Has Old Vehicles + Vintage Toilet

The Dauntless Mine has been abandoned for years, but a lot of random, old stuff has been left behind.

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