This is my second fall in Colorado and while fall has always been my favorite time of year, living here in the Centennial State has only made my love grow stronger for the season. This past weekend was an absolute stunner and we spent most of it outside roaming around the Poudre Canyon and soaking it all in.

If I could nitpick one thing about the weekend, it's that I wish the temperatures could've been a few degrees cooler. Other than that, it was perfect and it worked out well for my 6-year-old because due to it being as warm as it was, he (and I) got to play in the river a little bit.

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I love fall in Colorado because the air is so much cleaner, the bright blue skies against the changing leaving leaves are beautiful. The yellows and the greens and the blues and the browns with the mountains is a stunning backdrop throughout Poudre Canyon, and the sun shimmering off the water creates postcard-worthy pics everywhere we turned.

I recently wrote about some of the best spots in Colorado to see incredible fall colors and when to go. These places are all awesome, but if you don't want to spend the day driving, I highly recommend checking out the Poudre Canyon for some fabulous views.

On Saturday, we checked out the Gateway Natural Area which is about a 20-minute drive up the Poudre Canyon where we skipped some rocks in the river, walked on the nature trail, and eventually hiked up to a summit to enjoy the views from above.

On Sunday, we explored near Picnic Rock and drove out towards Walden, and found some nice pull-off spots to explore and just take in the scenery.

From just one perfect fall weekend in Colorado, it's confirmed for me that there is no better place to experience fall than right here in our backyard. (In my humble opinion.)

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