Memorial Day weekend is to honor those who have fallen in service of this country. It is also for families and friends to get together and enjoy each others company.

This Memorial Day weekend, I decided to stay home with my family and just have fun. My beautiful little girls decided that they wanted to play in the sprinkler over the weekend so that is what they did.

And, like most husbands, I had the honey-do list to complete, which meant cleaning the garage. Honestly, it sure felt good to get that cleaned though.

My family and I also decided it is a beautiful weekend, why not grab the pups and go for a hike/walk. These dogs love going for walks and hiking. They stay with us, but they love all the smells that come along with going for a walk. When we got home our dogs couldn't wait to lay down.

Finishing off the weekend, you can't forget to have a good BBQ. So we loaded up the grill with some charcoal and waited until the heat died down a little bit to start. My oldest Taila and my youngest Marlow both love to grill. So my daughters became the food runners. They had an absolute blast helping me with the BBQ.

Being with my family this weekend meant so much to me. All of us being constantly busy we never have time to just hang out as a family. So this Memorial Day weekend was one of the best because my family is everything to me. I hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend as much as I did.

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