Grand Junction is a place of beauty, fun, and community. The Valley is also growing at a fast rate. Meaning that some things are going to be pushed aside.

I am all for growth, but that doesn't mean that I don't miss things and places that use to be here while I was growing up. Every once in a while it's ok to live in the past.

There are a few things and places that I would love to come back to Grand Junction so the new age could appreciate them.


Kids these days don't understand going here on a Friday night to get you and your date a movie. This place was amazing. You could rent a movie or game for 5 dollars and keep it for a week. Boy, the selections were amazing too. I sure do miss this place.

Pacos Tacos

This place wasn't in Grand Junction for very long. But they had some of the best nachos that I have ever had the pleasure of eating. I don't know what it was about this place but the food was excellent. Not only that but they also had Navajo Tacos the size of your head, cooked to perfection.

Fun Junction

If you weren't able to experience Fun Junction I feel sorry for you. This amazing amusement park was the definition of local. Right off of North Avenue this was the place to hang out while I was in high school. Bumper boats, The Graviton ( I almost lost it every time), but the main attraction there especially if you were on a date had to be the Ferris Wheel. At the peak of it, you could almost see to 1st Street. Kids nowadays just don't know.

Doo Zoo

I'm not sure if anyone really remembers the Doo Zoo but I sure do. This place was strictly meant for kids. I used to always bring my sister here. She and I would play store since they had a little check-out stand and everything. This was the place to be if you were a kid and your parents were busy.

Rainbow Roller Rink

I was never really good a skating or rollerblading. But I did love to go hang out with all of my friends here. My friends and I would hang out here every weekend cause it was the place to be. The music that is now considered old to some now was the new music that we skated to. If you weren't 18 yet,  the roller rink was the place to be. If you had your own money it was that much better.

Is there any place that used to be in Grand Junction that is no longer here that you wish was? Let me know what places you would want back in the comments!

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