Five cool things about Grand Junction, Colorado that you may or may not know. 

#1 Grand Valley Curse

Just by moving here, you're cursed. The Grand Valley was cursed by native Utes during their exodus to Utah. You have to collect sand to rid of soil's attraction to the person. I'm not taking any chances with that, I'll take the sand.

#2 Go Karts

There are go-karts and they go over 80 mph. These fast little guys are at Grand Junction Motor Speedway. Anything with a motor, I'm with it. I'll be heading over to 3002 N I 70 Frontage Road soon.

#3 National Monument

There's a National Monument in your backyard! The Colorado National Monument was established on May 24, 1911. You can camp here, join the Star Party and catch a concert. The view is amazing and you might even see a desert bighorn sheep there too.

 #4 Sterling T. Smith Education Tower

I had no idea what the tower was.This is one of the best views in town, can't go wrong with 360 degrees. The tower is a part of the Museum of the West and built in 1999.

#5 The Name

The first known civilization in Grand Junction was here in 200 A.D. and know as the Fremont. The city Grand Junction has the name because of the Colorado and Gunnison Rivers that intersect. It is a grand junction indeed.

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