This winter season has been absolutely insane. I feel like it's been colder than usual and just a very intense couple months. Each week seems more serious.

Making history several times so far this year from avalanches to record-breaking temperatures and now a 'bomb cyclone' that I've never heard of happening here before.

Picture a hurricane type of situation but with freezing cold winds and snow. The cyclone came in fiercely with 78 mph gusts in areas.

Over 500 schools closed, businesses closed, flights canceled, government offices shut down. It was scary, dangerous and threaten thousands. It was like an apocalypse.

According to The Denver Post 121,2700 without power for an enormous amount of hours some still without including my niece. Over 2,214 separate outages around the city as people struggled to stay warm.

I feel like we all need to hunt down that groundhog that lied to us. Where is the sunshine?

I don't know about you but I'm so ready for the sun to shine and the flowers to bloom. I'm tapping out of winter.

SOURCE: The Denver Post

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