According to Colorado officials, there are approximately 5,000 geese that live in Denver year-round.

Since the geese population is so large 1,662 geese were killed, cooked and given to families in need from a private organization.

Personally, I think that is a brilliant idea. I'm not really a geese kind of person. They make such a mess in some parks that you can't even enjoy the park.

Geese are mean too. I've had one chase me and bark at me well I was on a run. Scared the tar out of me.

One goose bit my daughter while she was in her stroller at the zoo because it wanted her cookie. Not a fan.

The Denver Post described that the U.S. Department of Agriculture allows up to 2,200 Canada Geese to be killed each year statewide.

Officials have completed the number geese that will be killed this year and will re-evaluate for next year.

I know this sounds bad, but I'm glad that these suckers have been controlled. I know there are some that don't agree with me as there have been petitions going around to spare the geese.

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