You might be from Grand Junction, Colorado if:

1. Roads like "P 3/10 rd" doesn't weird you out.

2. You Know Who Speedo Man Is.

3. You can explain the demographical differences between Downtown, the Redlands, Clifton, Orchard Mesa, East Orchard Mesa, Palisade and Fruita.

4. You know when it's faster to take Patterson, North Ave, or Grand Ave, but that you never under any circumstances cross 12th street during school months.

5. You know what "cruising north" means.

6. You know where most of the outdoor recreational areas are in the valley, and have most if not all of the equipment you need to enjoy them, but never go.

7. You can name the dates of every Bluegrass and Jazz festival this year, but have no clue when a big name comes to town.

8. You keep a pair of summer and winter clothes within reach no matter what season it is.

9. You know that swamp coolers in July don't actually help at all.

10. You've tried to leave this town but came back more than once.

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