Colorado's Yule Marble Quarry is the largest and purest marble deposit in the world. Some of the marble from here is currently a part of the Lincoln Memorial in D.C.

The town of Marble gets its name because of the Yule Marble Quarry. This quarry houses the largest and purest marble deposit in the entire world. The marble is 99.5% pure metamorphosed limestone and this kind of marble is only found here, nowhere else.

The marble quarry was discovered in 1873 but wasn't anyone's priority -- gold and silver were. Eventually, some quarrying operations stated in the 1880s and the town of Marble was incorporated in 1899.

In 1916, the marble from this quarry was used in the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. The quarry was barely ever profitable and closed in 1941. It remained closed for the next five decades.

Yule Mountain Quarry reopened in 1990 and has since changed owners multiple times, according to the Historical Photos of Fruita & Western Colorado Facebook.

It's amazing that at over 9,000 feet high inside of Treasure Mountain, there really is a treasure. Nowhere else in this entire world has the kind of marble that Marble, Colorado does.

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