Bellies are full and we now have a refrigerator full of leftovers. Now what?

Most of you have brilliant ideas and super yummy suggestions from our Facebook question about your most creative leftover turkey idea.

Thanksgiving hadn't even happened when that question was asked.

I started to drool over some ideas, some I literally laughed out loud at, and some I was shocked to think someone would really say such a thing ... joking of course, but not really. Haha.

I almost feel like we should all make a leftovers cookbook together. Too many wonderful ideas.

I'll add my top three to the list and two funny ones and if you want to add your top three suggested from Facebook you may add them.

Erin Leigh Noah recommended Thanksgiving Egg Rolls that I HAVE TO TRY.

Mara Smelkinson and Linda Guzman - White made this fabulous dish sound yummy.

One of my all-time favorites would be a turkey panini with a cranberry spread and stuffing. I didn't add it to this list because I've never tried some of what y'all suggested so if not this holiday may be the next one.

Skylar Beth Joseph really made me curious and I've got to find out more about this creative suggestion.

Had to laugh so hard because chances are I will probably do what  Kathy Calhoun said:

Lastly, PLEASE don't do this:

Haha! Cute Susan, really cute!

Regardless if you add yours or not, enjoy every moment even the leftovers.

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