If you have ever been on a boat before, you know that there is always one tiny worry at the back of your mind: What if I drop something into the lake? Sometimes, it happens. I have done it on a few occasions. Thankfully, it has never been anything too terribly expensive, like my phone, that has sunk to the depths of the bottom of a lake.

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Last year, when we took a trip to Italy before the pandemic went into full swing, my brother-in-law thought it would be funny to dip his foot into the sea. Little did he know that his shoe would fall off and float away on the Tyrrhenian Sea toward Tunisia. His two-mile walk back to the hotel was less than fun with only one good shoe.

Here in Northern Colorado, we have two popular places people like to go when it's hot out and they want to jump on a boat to have a good time: Carter Lake and Horsetooth Reservoir. A few years ago, Youtuber DiveDoggie LLC took scuba diving trips to both of these lakes. Ropes, beer cans, fishing lures and more were all found at the bottom of the lakes. Check out the videos and see what they found.

What's at the bottom of Carter Lake?

What's at the bottom of Horsetooth Reservoir?

Since both of these videos were taken and uploaded in 2016, I am sure there is plenty of new stuff at the bottom of both of these lakes now.

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