Peyton Manning jerseys are among the best selling jerseys in the NFL, but one Colorado school district does not allow Peyton Manning jerseys in their hallways.

Bronco fans in Grand Junction and across the state will be proudly wearing their team colors over the next few days, including students in the Greeley-Evans School District 6. However, any students with Peyton Manning jerseys will have to leave them at home.

According to the Denver Post, the school district barred students from displaying particular numbers  that are known to be gang related. The number 18 happens to be one of them, and it's nothing against Peyton Manning.

The ban on the numbers 13, 14, 31, 41, and 81 - along with the number 18 went into effect in 2011, the year before Manning was signed by the Denver Broncos. These particular numbers apparently have specific implications in the gang community, which uses them for recruiting and for intimidation. The ban is intended to protect unsuspecting students from unwittingly sending silent messages to gang members.

While his jersey doesn't hold the popularity of a Peyton Manning, tight end Owen Daniels' jerseys are not allowed either, since he wears #81.

The issue could possibly pop up again in the future should Broncos' rookie quarterback Trevor Siemian stick with the club and rise to the #2 slot, or to even become the starter. He wears #13.


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