Grand Junction's biggest catches while fishing is almost unbelievable. I said almost because I have pictures. You just have to see Grand Junction's biggest catches.

I love fishing and ever since I moved to Grand Junction, my love for it has only grown. The more I fish, the more I want to catch fish. And the more fish I catch, I just want to keep catching bigger ones.

I asked for your biggest catches on our Facebook and I absolutely loved looking through all of the fish pics. (There was a lot of 'ooo-ing' and 'ahh-ing' and 'holy cow-ing.') These are Grand Junction's biggest fishing.

Never have I ever seen so man trout -- until I moved here. I love all kinds of trout and have a lot of respect for these smart and beautiful fish. That trout looks at least twice the size of the ones I've caught. One day I'll get one as big or bigger Beau, one day.

I've always wanted to catch one of these bad boys. Pike are such fierce and prehistoric looking fish. This 40-inch pike is a trophy fish for sure. Just look at the size of its head alone. It's big, it's really big.

If you thought that was a trophy fish, check this one. I like how Orrin says 'Hey, Ryan, I got you beat by one inch.' Whenever I moved to Colorado and heard that we had this fish around here, I knew I wanted to catch it. It's one of the fish on my Colorado fish wishlist.

This is absolutely breathtaking fish. I freaked out whenever I saw this picture because I've heard a lot about roosterfish. I watched a show about and thought to myself 'what a beautiful and cool looking fish.' Then, someone right here in Grand Junction not only caught one but shared their picture with me. Thank you so much, it's a beauty.

Since everyone else shared their biggest catches while fishing, this is mine. I've only recently starting carp fishing and it's a blast. I can't watch to catch bigger carp, trout and just bigger/more fish in general.

I'm lucky to live in a place where the fishing is outstanding, diverse and easily accessible. I'm also lucky to have you guys, you constantly share your fishing spots and more with me and I'm so grateful for that. Now ready, set, cast.

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