Whenever you think of Valentine's Day you probably think of things like candy, stuffed animals and romantic outings. Here's a new Valentine's Day gift to think about -- an Adele-o-gram.

Sierra Garcia-Lock posted on a Facebook group in Grand Junction stating this:

Hey, I am offering Adele-o-grams for Valentine's Day. An Adele-o-gram is when I dress up like Adele and sing for whoever you want wherever you want. It's a fun way to surprise someone you care about for Valentine's Day. Send me a message if you're interested.

Sierra says she's a huge Adele fan but isn't limited to just singing Adele songs.  She'll sing whatever to whoever you want for Valentine's Day. Sierra has taken singing lessons and joined the choir when she was 12.

An Adele-o-gram isn't limited to just your partner. You can give it to your significant other, your coworker, or your friend. I think it'd be hilarious to send an Adele-o-gram to my boss while he's in the studio.

Sierra said that people's reactions include lots of 'aww'-ing, shock and laughter. If you send an Adele-o-gram for Valentine's Day this year you better show it to us.

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