Yellowstone National Park says to keep your distance from the elk calves and all other elk too. There have been multiple instances of people getting too close to elk calves and then getting kicked with the repercussions.

It's currently calving season at Yellowstone which means -- babies. Moms will do anything to protect their babies and elk moms are no different.

Two people have been attacked in the past three days at Yellowstone National Park. A mama elk sees a stranger too close to their kid and well, the hoofs come out.

The first woman was attacked on Sunday after she came across an elk and her calf in the parking lot. She was flown to the Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center after being kicked in the head, torso, and back, according to the Denver Post.

The second woman was walking between two cabins on Tuesday and came across a mama and her calf resting along the cabin wall. Mama elk then kicked her in the head and torso.

Although are usually not aggressive, they can cause some damage. Especially during calving season when mama elk are especially protective of their young. And during mating season when males can be unpredictable.

Yellowstone National Park says to keep your distance from wildlife, like 25 yards worth of distance. There are about 20,000 elk in Yellowstone. Just remember it's their land we're visiting -- it's always important to be a good guest.

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