If you believe the latest conspiracy, the world will end on Saturday, September 23. A series of apocalyptic events will happen, including nuclear war and planet crashing into Earth.

There are numerous reasons for this apocalypse such as natural disasters, climate change and the election of President Donald Trump. All of this according to the self-proclaimed researcher, scientist, self-published author and Christian numerologist, David Meade.

He claims natural disasters, such as Hurricane Harvey and the planet crashing into us, are all in the Bible and on the pyramids.

Meade says that he studied astronomy and that this isn't the first time the world was supposed to end. A planet was supposed to crash into Earth before and hasn't happened, according to Meade and his doomsdayers.

This guy has predicted that this would happen before and it hasn't happened. There have been numerous conspiracies of the world ending but it's kind of those "believe it when I see it" type things.

Especially when a radio producer tried to book Meade for an interview and he said that he can't give interviews until next week. C'mon man, YOU don't even believe what you're telling other people. How I feel about Meade and his B.S. conspiracy is spot on with this tweet.

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