Well, I'm sure this politician received some texts from his wife and friends after this!

Meet US Representative Joe Garcia of Florida. He was caught doing the wrong thing at the wrong time during a meeting of the House Judiciary Committee.

Well, we have to admit that we've all been in a similar situation. Maybe not on this scale to where it gets recorded and goes viral on YouTube but we've all had our embarrassing moments. So yea, I feel bad for the guy but wow... this is pretty gross. What would make you want to put whatever that was in your mouth?? Use your other fingers to discard of whatever it was.

My moment has to be when I was doing an interview with someone LIVE on the air and I completely forgot their name... after a minute of stumbling through my words trying to remember I finally said "why don't you introduce yourself to the audience" or something like that. That was not fun.

Ok I showed you mine, now you show me yours! What's something you've done that was really embarrassing for you?

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