Will Ferrell and Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers go head-to-head in a Drum Off on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon!

It all started when someone told Will Ferrell that he looked like Chad Smith a few months back. Ferrell responded "Chad Smith is a character that I created" suggesting that Smith is actually him under a different name. So, a friendly feud between the two began.

I am a huge fan of the Red Hot Chili Peppers... no seriously, huge. I've always thought that these two looked alike. It was even better when they wore the same outfit on the Tonight Show. Even though Will Ferrell's drumming was not real it was fun to watch and the surprise end where the rest of the RHCP was very cool.

Also, I thought it was pretty cool of the guys to actually raise money from the Drum Off to go to their respective charities. Here is the interview before the Drum Off, as Ferrell and Smith discuss their rivalry:


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