Is Denver underway to stop the declawing of cats? A city council member is pushing for an ordinance that would ban declawing in Denver.

Kendra Black owns a golden retriever and doesn't own a cat -- but was horrified when she found out. She will present this to the council's safety committee this upcoming Wednesday. Animal Planet's host of "My Cat From Hell," Jackson Galaxy, is in support of the video included in Kendra's presentation. The only case where declawing would be legal is if it's medically necessary for the cat.

Will Denver Outlaw Declawing Cats + Who's Next?
Alicia Selin, Townsquare Media

When I adopted my Kitten, Jax, questions about declawing were among some of the first. They asked if I planned to do it and the cat does start scratching things, what are you going to do? I responded with no and that I'll find something for him to scratch (that's not my couch.)

I don't think that declawing is quite as painless as you might think. It's not like just trimming or even removing their nails. The toes are cut from the last knuckle, basically amputating their toes, according to the Humane Society. This is what it'd be like for us humans.

Declawing can lead to a lot of negative effects. They could cause an infection, paw and body pains, nerve damage, bone spurs as well as lots of behavioral problems. These problems could turn out to be way worse than the scratching of your couch.

If passed, Denver will be among cities in California and countries like Austrailia and Japan in outlawing the declawing of cats. Who will be next? Grand Junction perhaps?

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