I have something that I really need to talk about. I want to know why it is so hard to get into an apartment if you have pets.

I know someone who is going through that very thing right now. He has looked up and down the Valley in search of a place that will house him and his miniature dog. The only places that seem to allow pets are outrageously priced.

I can't seem to understand why most landlords won't allow pets. Now I understand if the animal or animals are extremely violent or just to big to be there on why those pets wouldn't be allowed.

But why is it that a dog that could fit into a backpack and has the calmest demeanor not be allowed to be able to live with its human? People get so mad when they see dogs on the st

People get so mad when they see dogs on the streets or homeless people walking around with their dogs. Maybe they decided to be homeless so they didn't have to give up there best friend, all because the animal wasn't allowed.

Having two dogs of my own makes this hit close to home. Something needs to be done about this. Animals need to be treated as an extension of that person's family. Not be treated as though that animal is a burden.

Let's find a way to do something about it.

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