Golden Retrievers Rock! Plain and simple they are the best friendliest family dogs ever. At least in my very  humble opinion. They aren't always the sharpest tool in the shed but when I saw this video it reminded me of my first Golden when my daughter was a baby.My daughter Mckenna was just a toddler at the time and she was literally all over my first child Dylan. She would sit on him, pull his ears, squeeze his nose, try to put her toys in his mouth. Dylan just sat there calmly waiting for this young hairless baby person to get bored and move along her merry way.

Or at the very least drop some of those delicious gold fish crackers close enough so that he could sneak a quick snack. Watching this video made me flash back to when my life was a lot more simple and a time when I was still grasping at straws when it came to being a better dad.

My Golden Retriever Dylan made it a lot easier as he was a great babysitter believe it or not. He made darned sure that kid never put anything in her mouth before he tested it out to make sure it was safe first.


I cant even watch this video without smiling. I doubt you can either. BTW since those early years in the 90's with Dylan and my daughter Mckenna we've gone on to have 2 more Golden's.

Probably wont be another breed in our household in the foreseeable future.



Dan Thomas TSM