Who are the two Jazz musicians you see performing on Main Street in Grand Junction? You'll see them from time to time in front of a downtown business, not performing at a particular venue, just playing for fun. Whoever they are, it's obvious they are very accomplished musicians. What brings them to the downtown area?

Every time one walks down Main Street, these gentlemen are out on the sidewalk, performing their hearts out. It doesn't appear as though they are performing as a part of any organized "function." Apparently, they just love to play.

The were spotted last Thursday directly outside of Hart Music at 4th and Main. When I walked by, they were cranking out an awesome performance of "Blue Bossa."

Their names are Malcolm Smith, piano, and Phil Cristino, guitar. Both are lifelong professional musicians. You will see them performing around the valley with several local groups, including the Swing City Express, and most recently, the Western Colorado Jazz Orchestra.

Malcolm, originally from England, lived in Pennsylvania and Denver before settling in Grand Junction. Phil Cristino was a full-time musician in Las Vegas before moving to the valley.

In both cases, these gentlemen are monster musicians. In the musical community, calling someone a "monster" is a compliment.

When can you see them next? They'll both be performing tonight (Thursday, September 22) from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. on the terrace at the Avalon Theatre. It's a free event, so be sure to check it out. After that, who knows. Make a trip to Main Street, and keep your eyes and ears open for these two remarkable musicians.