You've seen guitarists sporting leopard skin pants. Now get ready, a festive pair of Peanuts Christmas pants are making their way to a Western Colorado stage just in time for New Year's Eve. Which Grand Junction area guitarist dares to push the fashion envelope?

This imaged was captured last night at a Grand Junction performance. The pants alone pack an atomic bomb's worth of contempt for the czars of fashion. The Crocs take it to a whole new level.

Think about all the area guitarists you know. Yeah, it's a scary thought, but please run their images through your brain. Which one has the fashion chuztpah to sport these?

Could it be Ralph Dinosaur? Well, Ralph has certainly been known to wear the occasional skirt, but rarely has he been seen in Peanuts wear. How about Gerry Goodman? Maybe.

Years ago I worked for a metal band out of England. At that time, roughly 1995, Country music was at its peak, and everybody, even metal heads, wanted a piece of the action. These metal guys came to the U.S., picked me up to play bass, and launched a Country band. They quickly launched what they labelled "Glam Country." These dues had leopard skin pants, cowboy hats, little chains on their size 8 cowboy boots, topped off with mullets and eye liner. That band enjoyed a one-year run, and promptly retired to Las Vegas.

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Tonight, New Year's Eve, is the biggest night of the year for working musicians. This is the Superbowl of the "cover band" world. Tonight, it's all or nothing. Most bands have been woodshedding these last few weeks, getting ready for the big night.

The guitarist whose pants are featured above will be coming to a stage near you. Who is it? Think hard. Equipped with nothing but the photo, can you tell who it is? Directly below you'll find a list of Western Colorado guitarists. Cast your vote. It's entirely likely I missed someone, so in the event I did, please write their name in.

Please note: This is all in fun. The guitarist pictured is very much aware I am posting this.

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