A restaurant in Grand Junction is celebrating the spooky season will something that you scare and delight you all at once. Here's where to find the $1 drink called the Vampire in Grand Junction.

Drink up witches, this restaurant in Grand Junction is in the spooky spirit when it comes to their spirits -- aka cocktails. This restaurant's latest drink is called The Vampire and for $1 it'll be easy to sink your fangs into this one. (Because it literally comes with fangs too.)

According to a manager of Applebee's here in Grand Junction, The Vampire is a passionfruit and pineapple rum drink and it comes with a cherry on top and plastic vampire teeth. The manager said people especially love that the $1 Vampire comes with fangs too, which you can get all month long.

The Vampire isn't the only spooky spirit they're offering this October. Applebee's also has Dracula Juice, which has raspberry liquor, blackberry syrup, and lemonade and sprite in it. Dracula Juice is a layered purple and yellow drink, sure to get you into the spooky spirit.

Applebee's has a nonalcoholic drink called a Franken Flush, which is great for little monsters or monsters who don't drink. The Franken Flush comes with a gummy brain, is bright pink, and is made with apple juice and hurricane concentrate. The manager also said they even have a tipsy zombie drink.

They have drinks for vampires and all kinds of monsters, even zombies. The Tipsy Zombie drink is a fruity blue and green drink, with rum and of course, some gummy brains.

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