ThinkStock[/caption]We all love to listen to music. Whether it is off your phone, out on the town, or live in concert. Everybody loves music.

So that got me thinking, Grand Junction is an awesome place to live and visit. So, that got me thinking a little bit. Why not bring some acts to Grand Junction?

I have all different kinds of music on my phone ranging from hip-hop all the way to country and classical. Now what I want to know is what kind of musical acts do you want to bring to Grand Junction?

I know there are a few acts I would love to visit this beautiful city. But I want to know who all of you would want to visit.

So I created a poll giving all of you a few choices to come put on an incredible show. If your choice isn't in the poll feel free to add to the comments!

It is time for the mic to drop. Good luck!

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