ThinkStock[/caption]With the beautiful scenery that Grand Junction has to offer it would be a perfect place to put on some amazing concerts.

I believe that if we got one big act to perform here others would come. Kind of like Field of Dreams.

We did a poll on who you would like to perform in Grand Junction. All of you voted and there was a tie for the top spot. Both of these artists I would love to watch. I have heard that they put on one heck of a show.

The next artist that was closest was four voted back from being tied with the top two artists on the list.

Now, what we should do is find a beautiful spot to have a venue that these artists could come to and perform. I know I would go to every concert they would put on here if that were to happen.

Who knows maybe one day we can get one of these artists to come here and put on an incredible show.

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